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Every one of us should have an in-depth understanding to learn about numerous threats in regard of the abortion issues that may influence our life either psychologically or physiologically. Not to mention modern people themselves, the professional specialist may have paid less attention to the serious problems arising from the act of abortion.

One should know the painful experiences during the procedure of abortion before she reaches maturity (17 years old or even earlier than that). Parents should explain to their child the harmful effects of abortion in details. This is important to help them to grasp a concept of abortion.

The research conducted by the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the United States has given us profound evidences about the negative impacts of abortion.  Their outcomes are as follows:

23% of abortion victim will often live in hallucination.

35% of abortion victim will always have a strange believe that the child who was being taken comes to visit her in her imagination.

54% of abortion victim will have more frequent abortion-related nightmares.

69% of abortion victim will always survive in a crazy and scary world.

73% of abortion victim will always have her mind keeps on recalling the painful moment of abortion that she had gone through.

81% of abortion victim will feel sick thinking of her child who was being taken away.

61% of abortion victim will start and increase the intake of alcoholic drinks.

65% of abortion victim will always prone to commit suicide.

77% of abortion victim will likely to isolate her from communicating with a group of people.

69% of abortion victim will experience less sexual instinct.

81% of abortion victim always likes to close her in a room. She will cry quietly there.

The common abortion consequences include infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, internal bleeding and infection, fatigue, shock and coma, uterine perforation, peritonitis, intense pain, anorexia, poor appetite, loss of body organs, decreased ability to work and a very intense spirit of post-abortion feeling.

In terms of psychological consequences, their symptoms include feeling of guilt, an intense spirit of committing suicide, regret, loss of self-confidence, low self-esteem, hostility, despair, helplessness, loss of sexual instinct, a strong instinct to end up partner and family relationships, a blame of self-wrongdoing and always in a state of terrible dreams.

Abortion increases the risk of deaths among the females.  The proportion of deaths among the abortion victims is three times higher than a pregnant mother who delivers the birth in a year. The cases of abortion victims who commit suicide are six times higher than the pregnant women in a year.  In a year, the fatal risk on the cause of accidents among the abortion victims is three times higher than a normal person in a year.  Within a year, the rate of abortion victims who tend to injure themselves is 13 times higher than pregnant women. The above mention data is derived from a Finland report in 1997. This report is a big success of scientists to study the statistics of abortion victims. The data should give the public awareness towards the negative impacts of abortion.

A study conducted by Minnesota of the United States pointed out those females who engaged with abortion has 10 times higher risk of committing suicide within half a year as compared to those who has never experienced abortion.  Another report shows that the more frequent the females undergoing abortion, the risk of suffering from body pain, psychological disorders is always more than 10 times higher or may at an extremely higher state that one may expect.  Therefore, the role of parents in alerting their children against abortion is deemed necessary and important so as to save their children from becoming victims of physical and mentality disorder.


abortion2The aborted baby shown on this sign was one of the thirteen babies found in the dumpster at the Robbinsdale abortion center in 1987 and buried in Resurrection Cemetery. He was given the name Brian Joseph.








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