A brief description on what the warts are and its occurrence on parts of the body. Learn how to spot and distinguish warts from other skin diseases.

Appearing as raised, gray colored and rough texture growths, warts can be varied in sizes from a pinhead to large masses. Warts, in general, refer to viral infections that usually will appear on the skin but can also appear in the genitals or rectum, urethra, bladder, or even in the parts of the mouth. While observing a wart start developing on your skin, the virus usually will enter via a crack, cut, or a scratch and incubates several months prior to erupting into a wart.

Most warts disappear on their own without any treatment however, warts that appear on the genitals, around the fingernails, or palms or soles of the feet are particularly long lasting and can be difficult to cure. In case of children, warts often last a few months to a year in adults, which will generally last for months or even years. Many people can never totally get rid of the warts and can be disturbed by many recurrences throughout their life. Warts on the skin are the most common prevalent type of skin problem.

Warts may increase in size and grow large, erupting on your fingers and hands, although they may also appear anywhere on your skin. When warts appear on the sole of the feet, they are called plantar warts which usually grow inward instead of outward. Warts are commonly mildly contagious and can spread to the same person by shaving, scratching, picking or biting your own nails. Through direct contact, genital warts can also be transmitted to others especially between sexual partners.

Duo film, a plaster which can be purchased over the counter can be effective in eliminating warts. Make sure you read the instructions on the package carefully and follow it accordingly. Likewise, the immune system can help you fight off the warts so make sure you increase your immune system by adopting healthy eating and lifestyle. The herb Echinacea, an immune stimulant, can help boost your immune system tremendously.

Doctors may recommend wart treatments by chemicals, burning (“cauterization”), scalpel, freezing (“cryotherapy”) or even laser surgery. Even though freezing method leaves you a scar, it is the wart treatment with the least amount of scarring.

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