The rate of cancer is on the rise worldwide. When one is diagnosed with any disease relates to cancer, they began afraid to have themselves related with these abnormal growth of cells. In facts, here are some illnesses that are related with cancer or may be the precursor to the presence of cancer.

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells or cluster of cells that can divide very fast and reproduce in a tremendous speed. They can spread to other areas of the body very quickly and uncontrollably as their growth is normally not regulated.

Thyroid Nodule

Thyroid Nodule


The occurrence of thyroid nodule or fluid-filled lumps (forming within one’s thyroid, which is a small gland appearing just above the breastbone or at the base of one’s neck) is always associated with one’s age, sex, and radiation exposures (especially in the neck or head). The statistic shows that the incidence of thyroid nodules among females is 4 times higher than males. Multiple thyroid nodules may be benign (noncancerous) in nature, but a single thyroid nodule may advance to thyroid cancer which is malignant (cancerous) in nature. Therefore, when you discover an abnormal lump (or growth) of thyroid cells within your thyroid gland, you are encouraged to get a doctor check on you.

Cervical Erosion

cervical erosion

squamous cell lesion

High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) is significantly higher among females who experience cervical erosion than those who do not have cervical erosion. It happens when the endocervical (or the central part) columnnar epithelium protrudes out through the external os of the cervix and onto the vaginal portion of cervix in which can undergo squamous metaplasia and later transforms to stratified squamous epithelium. It just means the glandular cells which are usually seen on the cervical canal can also be seen on the surface of the cervix. Even though cervical erosion causes no problem or not an abnormality, it can be indistinguishable from the early stage of cervical cancer. Therefore, females should not ignore the presence of cervical erosion but go for an examination like pap smear to get themselves performed for further diagnosis.

Chronic Ulcers

ulcer grading

 gastric ulcer

Mouth or gastric ulcers are very common types of chronic ulcer situations. Many people will not take these ulcers seriously as they regard them as minor illnesses. But, according to health experts, long-standing ulcers can be a problem since they may become cancer. In general, with appropriate treatments, an oral ulcer will be cured from 7 to 10 days, but if the ulcer proceeds to several weeks or even months, it might be an obvious indication of an oral cancer. Similarly, if you have recurrent ulcers in the stomach called peptic ulcers causing the gastric mucosal damaged by repeated stimulation, it may eventually become malignant resulting the occurrence of gastric cancer.


Some researchers remarked that diabetics have the higher risk of developing cancer than non-diabetic patients. Pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer are among the cancers that are prevalence in diabetics. They explain that the higher risks of cancer among diabetics are associated with the higher incidence of high blood sugar and/or obesity in patients with diabetes. Meanwhile, studies have also showed that increased blood insulin levels in patients with hypoglycemic agents may be a culprit for an increased risk of cancer among diabetics.


It sounds scary to know the fact that viral hepatitis is the major cause of liver cancer. If you are among high-risk groups of this disease, you must get early diagnosis and medical treatment without hesitating.

Breast Cysts

breast cyst22

breast cyst2

breast cyst3

Cystic hyperplasia of the breast, according to the statistics, 20% of incurable cases of the growth of adenomatoid tumor causing enlargement or increased size of cystic hyperplasia in females are 4 times higher to develop breast cancer than the healthy adults. Therefore, patients who are having breast cysts must go for regular check-ups in order to detect the presence of any abnormal growth or tumor.

Colon Polyps




Many cases of gastrointestinal cancer are caused by the presence of colon polyps. In particular, with adenomatous polyps or adenomas (polyps that become cancerous), the risk of developing cancer is higher, accounting for about 75% of colon polyps. Numerous clinical studies revealed that patients with colon polyps has 3 to 5 times higher of chances to develop cancer, and in rare cases, the rate may as high as 10 times. The gastrointestinal polyps are generally affected by its size, type, etc. and once diagnosed for its presence the patients must go for treatments immediately.

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