who are they 

Discover who these people are. Give yourself a challenge: You might guess their names correctly. Have fun!

Below are listed sentences similar to anagrams of the names of famous people, they may be poets, writers, or world leaders, from both present and past. Now, it’s your turn to guess who they are.

Poets and Writers

  1. And hairs in enchantress
  2. Declarations: Hurry on!
  3. I am a weak speller
  4. Someone sniggered
  5. Brain-rot speaks
  6. An old, large ape
  7. Corrupt males
  8. Emerge angrier
  9. Vouch to rig

World Leaders

  1. Try blind law
  2. I rat nobly
  3. Array as feast
  4. This Jones pal
  5. Eyes shrink, grin
  6. Mobile unionists
  7. A charm tart, get her
  8. Kinder fall on voters
  9. Sunbeam Arabia shock

Answer: 1. Hans Christian Andersen, 2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 3. William Shakespeare, 4. Georges Simenon, 5. Boris Pasternak, 6. Edgar Allan, 7. Marcel Proust, 8. Germaine Greer, 9. Victor Hugo, 10, Willy Brandt, 11. Tony Blair, 12. Yasser Arafat, 13. Joseph Stalin, 14. Henry Kissinger, 15. Benito Mussolini, 16. Margaret Thatcher, 17. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 18. Barack Hussein Obama.


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