Have some fun time here. Enjoy yourself!

Oops, my mouth cannot reach the water. I have to go thirsty tonight!

Hey, friend, do you like the flying cake?

See, my Chinese Kung Fu! Be careful, I am going to give you a hit!

I am learning to be mature like these two adults in front of me.

Oh, my god, what firefighter are you?

Oops, this bike is going to be “crushed” by this super fat man.

This statue is scared of SARS with its mouth covered with a mask.

I am a latest version of “The Lord of the King.”

Have you ever seen a lion swimming like this?

A snake is curious to know more about a camera.

I am practicing a right leg kick in front of my officer.

Oh, no, what is wrong with this house?

In the Sumo competition held in Hawaii, a fat Sumo wrestler will fight with a thin Sumo wrestler.

I have long been dreaming of eating cactus.

Do not ask me to put on weight anymore…..I do not want to listen ….

Let me kiss you, my honey!

Do you know how to do this…………

The longest fingernails ever recorded.

I master this way in playing golf.

Do you want to try to sit on this comfortable computer chair?

I am a king of a BULL. Hey, see my horns!

A huge bicycle is bigger than human.

Come, boss, I will accompany you home with this bike!

The world’s top rated way to deliver newspapers.

This is a man with the rubber-like body.

The tank becomes a place for drying the clothes.

Are you crazy? You stuff all chocolate chips inside the filler.

A person can bear on the weight of one big elephant. Wow!

Do not bathe me anymore, please!

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