This Sudoku is claimed to be the hardest one, can you crack it?

The applied mathematician from Finland, 41, who called himself Dr. Arto Inkala has created a new challenge to puzzle enthusiasts as well as newspaper readers. He believed that this is the most difficult puzzle that he has ever created.

Dr. Arto Inkala has contributed to this specially created Sudoku to rival his World’s Hardest ‘Al Escargot’ puzzle which can be used for a daily brain-training activity. It will improve your memory and concentration while keeping your mind active and sharpen your brain ability to solve the problem.

Others believed that this could be the world’s toughest Sudoku puzzle ever devised. This Sudoku has been rated 11 for its difficulty. It attained an extreme difficulty score of 187, 090. It will certainly test your brain power to the maximum. Why not give it a try?

No matter how hard this Sudoku is, it still has its solution. Before looking for the solution, try solving yourself first. The image shows its solution.

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